Designed By A Team Of Expert Market Research Professionals With Experience Spanning Across Operations, Technology And Compliance, Our New QualStage Platform Supports Remote Qualitative TDI, WATI, And Focus Group Projects, With Simultaneous Translation.



Key Features

  • User-centric design with intuitive controls and functionality
  • Two-channel simultaneous translation
  • Full integration with our proprietary online scheduler and screener tools for seamless participation
  • Private virtual backroom for observers and clients to watch and listen live
  • Recordings processed immediately after the session, and accessed via the QualStage platform - one point of access for all touchpoints
  • Data protection and security designed specifically for end-pharma / client needs
  • Real-time support from your project management team
  • Web-based device agnostic platform requiring no downloads or additional hardware


Moderator Essentials

  • No time limit
  • Generous participant limit
  • Set stimuli up in advance
  • Seamless transition between projects


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